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Customs and Traditions

Ramadan is one of the holiest months for the Muslims. They observe it with complete discipline which cleanses mind and body from the past sins. The first day of Ramadan people greet each other by saying 'Ramadan Mubarak'.

People abide by the rules of fasting and do not indulge in any kind of foods, beverages, intoxicating substances or sexual activities from dawn till sunset. This spiritual approach refrains from greed, lust, anger, false promises or gossip. A pious Muslim reads the holy Quran everyday and offers prayers to Allah and offers charity to the poor and needy.

On the night of Laylat-al-Qadr people offer prayers because it is believed that seeking blessing on this day becomes thousand times powerful than the rest of the year . According to the legends, it is said that in this day Gabriel, the messenger of Allah revealed Holy Quran to Prophet Mohammed. It is the month when families unite together to take part in 'Iftar'. Another tradition is to pay annual alms 'Zakhat'. People donate 2.5% of their entire assets to the destitutes.
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